Figuring Out Home and Finances with Carole Orland
Should you be hiding cash under your mattress in preparation for a divorce?
Divorce 101 with Eric Broder
From our perspective, If SingleProcess were to create a course on divorce, this would be lesson #1.
Financial Affidavits with Carole Orland
The Financial Affidavit is one of the most critical pieces of paper you will need in your divorce.
Collaborative Divorce with Jill Bicks
If we had truly understood what a Collaborative Divorce meant, we both would have gone this route.
Custody & Parenting with Jill Bicks
One of the most terrifying pieces of a divorce is the idea of losing custody of your kids.
Better Prep = Better Results with Sharon Defala
Attorney Sharon Defala offers guidance on how to do your own prep work to make your divorce cheaper and more efficient.
Splitting Assets with Loretta Hutchinson
How do you divide assets in a divorce? Is it all 50/50? And what even qualifies as an asset?
Alimony and Child Support with Loretta Hutchinson
There is a legal side to alimony, but there is also a financial aspect to alimony. Should you take monthly payments or a lump sum?
Guardians Ad Litem with Jill Plancher
You’ve most likely not heard of a Guardian ad Litem…and that’s a good thing.
Steps in the Divorce Process with Darcy McAlister
What actually happens when you get divorced? Does a marshal from the courts confront you at work with papers?
Directed Mediation with Carole Orland
We’ve done this topic with a few attorneys and this is a different approach to the same process.
Choosing A Mediator with Michael Becker
If you’ve decided on the process of mediation, you want to pick the right one.
Mediation with Deborah Noonan
We both mediated our divorces, primarily because we thought it would save us money.
How to Find the Right Divorce Lawyer with Eric Broder
Finding the right attorney is such a major piece of the divorce puzzle. What’s the best way to find the right lawyer?
Divorce Q&A, Part One with Jill Bicks
There are so many random and important questions that you have when going through divorce.
When to Hire a Forensic Accountant with David Gralnick
David Gralnick teaches us how a forensic accountant can help you deal with finances and split up assets during a divorce.
Divorce Q&A, Part Two with Jill Bicks
More random questions that we get at SingleProcess. Have you heard of a divorce coach?
Modifying Your Agreement Post Divorce with Carole Orland
The courts stamp your agreement, your officially divorced and you head out with girlfriends to get a glass of wine, never to see a lawyer or court again, right?

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