Kids & Parenting

Parental Alienation with Dr. Sue Cornbluth
Dr. Sue Cornbluth joins Barb and Jo to explain narcissism and offer valuable tips on how to deal with this during and after your divorce.
Custody & Parenting with Jill Bicks
One of the most terrifying pieces of a divorce is the idea of losing custody of your kids.
Don’t Put Your Kids in the Middle with Maud Purcell
It’s so tempting to bash your ex, especially if you’re hurting. But it will backfire.
Tweens and Divorce with Amanda Craig
Managing a “Tween” through divorce can be dramatically different from elementary age or teenagers. There’s a different strategy in term things to watch for and ways to communicate with this group.
Teens and Divorce with Amanda Craig
Teens are in that 13-17 age range, a tricky time where they are building and forming their own relationships. Understanding their mindset can help you navigate a divorce more successfully.
How to Tell the Kids with Maud Purcell
This is one of our favorite topics and a big reason we did this series. How do you tell your kids what’s going on?
Co-Parenting with Trevor Mullineaux
One of the annoying realities of divorce for us was how much we saw our ex-spouses AFTER the divorce.
Alimony and Child Support with Loretta Hutchinson
There is a legal side to alimony, but there is also a financial aspect to alimony. Should you take monthly payments or a lump sum?
Guardians Ad Litem with Jill Plancher
You’ve most likely not heard of a Guardian ad Litem…and that’s a good thing.
Blending Families with Trevor Mullineaux
At some point, you will find yourself in a new relationship and you’ll want to bring your kids up to speed.
Dads and Divorce with Michael Becker
We feel like dads get a bit of a raw deal in the divorce. In most cases, mom is more likely to have the majority of contact leaving dads feeling disconnected.

Are You In The Thick Of It?

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