Figuring Out Home and Finances with Carole Orland
Should you be hiding cash under your mattress in preparation for a divorce?
Financial Affidavits with Carole Orland
The Financial Affidavit is one of the most critical pieces of paper you will need in your divorce.
Financial Planning with Loretta Hutchinson
If you’re like us, you didn’t want to face your financial realities on paper. If you’d known divorce was in your future, you probably would have paid more attention to this area of your life.
Selling Your Home During Divorce with Barb Hazelton
It’s a sad reality that you will most likely NOT be able to remain in your marital home. It’s more likely that you will need to sell it and split the proceeds.
Better Prep = Better Results with Sharon Defala
Attorney Sharon Defala offers guidance on how to do your own prep work to make your divorce cheaper and more efficient.
Mortgages with Terry Hastings
You’re getting divorced and you want to stay in your home. Can you? Can you buy something new? Or how much can you even put toward rent?
Start Your Own Business with Holly Hurd
Holly Hurd suggests that in just 12 weeks you can launch a viable business that makes money.
Finances Post Divorce with Loretta Hutchinson
Once the divorce is closed out, you’re done, right? Not at all. Most people are so relieved to be done that they chuck the documents in a file cabinet and open a bottle of wine.
Tax Considerations in Divorce with Paul Piasecki
Since money is one of the big factors in your divorce agreement, it’s a good idea to start getting advice soon after filing since.
Splitting Assets with Loretta Hutchinson
How do you divide assets in a divorce? Is it all 50/50? And what even qualifies as an asset?
Alimony and Child Support with Loretta Hutchinson
There is a legal side to alimony, but there is also a financial aspect to alimony. Should you take monthly payments or a lump sum?
Credit Scores with Terry Hastings
If you’re credit score is in shambles, it’s going to be tough to get a credit card, a mortgage, or even rent. It’s so important to monitor and clean it up as soon as possible.
Working Towards Financial Security with Kathryn Sollmann
Kathryn Sollmann teaches us different methods to stay financially secure even if you've been out of the workforce for some time.
When to Hire a Forensic Accountant with David Gralnick
David Gralnick teaches us how a forensic accountant can help you deal with finances and split up assets during a divorce.
Getting Back to Work with Dr. Hilary Berger
   Getting Back to Work with Dr. Hilary Berger It’s highly likely that your divorce has changed your financial picture, and[...]

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