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Emotional | Single Process


Narcissism and Divorce with Dr. Sue Cornbluth
Dr. Sue Cornbluth joins Barb and Jo to explain narcissism and offer valuable tips on how to deal with this during and after your divorce.
Healing through Divorce with Jon Cuizon
Divorce is about desperation. It does not feel peaceful. It feels unsettling and scary.
Stress & Your Health with Dr. Sharon Karp
There is so much emerging evidence about the head-gut connection. We see people going through tremendous stress and then they get cancer or another illness. It no coincidence.
Surviving Divorce Emotionally with Laura Campbell
You are about to make some major decisions when you are not in a good frame of mind.
Infidelity with Dr. Tammy Nelson
Affairs are about ‘wake up’ or ‘break up’. Some people will have affairs because they need an excuse to get out of their marriage.
Top Ten Things No One Tells You About Divorce with Laura Campbell
Laura Campbell sheds light on some key emotional aspects of divorce...awareness is the first step to feeling less alone in this process!

Are You In The Thick Of It?

If you’re contemplating divorce, are in the midst of the process or rebuilding your life afterwards, we are here to lend you the support you need.

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