DIVORCE: Private Investigations in the Divorce Process with Rob Artus
Rob is a specialist in divorce investigations and for over 20 years has personally conducted thousands of family and divorce investigations, background checks, asset searches and fraud investigations.
Creating Your Relationship Playbook with Candace Brindley
Candace Brindley explains the importance of creating a relationship plan, or playbook, before you start dating post-divorce.
DIVORCE: What Is Single Process?
Learn more about this video series all about navigating divorce and going from a We to a Me!
Dating Profiles with Julia Bekker
Your dating profile says more about you than you may recognize.
Divorce: Better Prep = Better Results
Attorney Sharon Defala offers guidance on how to do your own prep work to make your divorce cheaper and more efficient.
How to Get Good Sleep with Kristina Hess
Sleep has become a chronic issue with the rise in technology use. Getting good sleep is the single most important thing you can do for your health.
Working Towards Financial Security with Kathryn Sollmann
It’s worth spending money on your hair. Good hair is like a suite of armor. It can raise your confidence.
Narcissism and Divorce with Dr. Sue Cornbluth
Dr. Sue Cornbluth joins Barb and Jo to explain narcissism and offer valuable tips on how to deal with this during and after your divorce.
Can You Rekindle Your Relationship with Amanda Craig
Amanda Craig talks about the ways couples disconnect and how to figure out whether there is a path to reconnection.
Hair… Your Best Accessory! with Sean Walsh
Good hair is like a suite of armor. When you look good, you feel good.
Dating Strategies Post-Divorce with Candace Brindley
There is a right and wrong way to date. We all want validation, and romance, and sex!
Healing through Divorce – Jon Cuizon
Divorce is about desperation. It does not feel peaceful. It feels unsettling and scary.
Dads and Divorce – Michael Becker
We feel like dads get a bit of a raw deal in the divorce. In most cases, mom is more likely to have the majority of contact leaving dads feeling disconnected.
Custody & Parenting – Jill Bicks
One of the most terrifying pieces of a divorce is the idea of losing custody of your kids.
Don’t Put Your Kids in the Middle – Maud Purcell
It’s so tempting to bash your ex, especially if you’re hurting. But it will backfire.
How to Tell the Kids with Maud Purcell
This is one of our favorite topics and a big reason we did this series. How do you tell your kids what’s going on?
Blending Families with Trevor Mullineaux
At some point, you will find yourself in a new relationship and you’ll want to bring your kids up to speed.
Can a Marriage Recover from Infidelity? with Lisa Ryan
Affairs are prevalent these days with so many ways to meet online. It’s also easier to get caught than ever before with the advent of tracking devices.
Domestic Violence – Marielynn Herrera
You may not know you’re in an abusive relationship because it happens so gradually. Getting out can be dangerous and overwhelming.
Drug Monitoring – Steve Paymer
What can you do if you suspect your ex has an issue with drugs? Today, you see so many people hooked on prescription drugs, which is even tougher to catch.
Alcohol Monitoring – Steve Paymer
We hope this isn’t you, but if you’re concerned that your ex is drinking around the kids, there are solutions.
Mortgages – Terry Hastings
You’re getting divorced and you want to stay in your home. Can you? Can you buy something new? Or how much can you even put toward rent?
Healthcare with Maura Carley
If you’re getting divorced, your healthcare is going to change. You might be able to coast along for a few years on your ex-spouse’s policy, but eventually you’ll have to foot the bill on your own.
The Stress of Divorce & Your Health with Dr. Sharon Karp
There is so much emerging evidence about the head-gut connection. We see people going through tremendous stress and then they get cancer or another illness. It no coincidence.
Getting Back to Work – Dr. Hilary Berger
https://youtu.be/Xvcr5SgQkP4 It’s highly likely that your divorce has changed your financial picture, and not for the better. You may need[...]
Sex, Love and Romance Post Divorce – Laura Campbell
If you’re at the divorce stage, it’s likely that you haven’t had much intimacy or sex in your life for a while.
Entrepreneurial Options – Holly Hurd
https://youtu.be/SXPKAPqOYJA Does it sound overwhelming to think about going back to a 9-5 job when you haven’t worked in years?[...]
Single Vacations Post Divorce – Lisa Primmer
Should you attempt to vacation with your kids alone? What should you do if you’re single and want to travel?
Getting Organized – Jen Burke
Whether you’re splitting up everything you’ve ever owned, or just getting the kids through transitions each week, it helps immensely to be organized.
First Steps in Divorce – Eric Broder
Magnum PI may be gone, but private investigations live on! Picking the right Lawyer is critical.
Selling Your Home During Divorce—Barb Hazelton
It’s a sad reality that you will most likely NOT be able to remain in your marital home. It’s more likely that you will need to sell it and split the proceeds.
Surviving Divorce, Taking Care of Yourself Emotionally – Laura Campbell
You are about to make some major decisions when you are not in a good frame of mind.
Infidelity with Dr. Tammy Nelson
Affairs are about ‘wake up’ or ‘break up’. Some people will have affairs because they need an excuse to get out of their marriage.
Finances Post Divorce – Loretta Hutchinson
Once the divorce is closed out, you’re done, right? Not at all. Most people are so relieved to be done that they chuck the documents in a file cabinet and open a bottle of wine.
Tax Considerations in Divorce with Paul Piasecki
Since money is one of the big factors in your divorce agreement, it’s a good idea to start getting advice soon after filing since.
Splitting Assets — Loretta Hutchinson
How do you divide assets in a divorce? Is it all 50/50? And what even qualifies as an asset?
Co-Parenting with Trevor Mullineaux
One of the annoying realities of divorce for us was how much we saw our ex-spouses AFTER the divorce.
Sex After Divorce – Dr. Tammy Nelson
Tammy Nelson, PhD is a sex and relationship expert, an international speaker, an author and a licensed psychotherapist with almost thirty years of experience working with individuals and couples.
Dating after Divorce—Karenna Alexander
Does this sound like a fun topic or something you are dreading?
Updating your Look – Michelle Roofthooft
If you are out there, it’s worth spending some time on your look. Not only will you look good, you’ll feel good.
Investigating Infidelity—Rob Artus
Depending on your state rules (no-fault) it may not matter. BUT, in high net-worth cases, infidelity may be a bargaining chip.
Alimony and Child Support – Loretta Hutchinson
There is a legal side to alimony, but there is also a financial aspect to alimony. Should you take monthly payments or a lump sum?
Credit Scores – Terry Hastings
If you’re credit score is in shambles, it’s going to be tough to get a credit card, a mortgage, or even rent. It’s so important to monitor and clean it up as soon as possible.
Financial Planning – Loretta Hutchinson
If you’re like us, you didn’t want to face your financial realities on paper. If you’d known divorce was in your future, you probably would have paid more attention to this area of your life.
Financial Affidavits – Carole Orland
The Financial Affidavit is one of the most critical pieces of paper you will need in your divorce.
Guardians Ad Litem with Jill Plancher
You’ve most likely not heard of a Guardian ad Litem…and that’s a good thing.
Steps of Divorce – Darcy McAlister
What actually happens when you get divorced? Does a marshal from the courts confront you at work with papers?
Directed Mediation – Carole Orland
We’ve done this topic with a few attorneys and this is a different approach to the same process.
Choosing A Mediator—Michael Becker
If you’ve decided on the process of mediation, you want to pick the right one.
Mediation—Deborah Noonan
We both mediated our divorces, primarily because we thought it would save us money.
Collaborative Divorce with Jill Bicks
If we had truly understood what a Collaborative Divorce meant, we both would have gone this route.
Figuring Out Home and Finances with Carole Orland
Should you be hiding cash under your mattress in preparation for a divorce?
Where to Begin—How to Find the Right Attorney with Eric Broder
Finding the right attorney is such a major piece of the divorce puzzle. What’s the best way to find the right lawyer?
Divorce 101 with Eric Broder
From our perspective, If SingleProcess were to create a course on divorce, this would be lesson #1.
Three Questions to Ask Yourself – Christine Marie
Are you still in love with your partner and can you make it work? People want to know whether to stay or go.
Divorce Q&A, Part One with Jill Bicks
There are so many random and important questions that you have when going through divorce.
Five Signs Your Marriage is Ending—Christine Marie
Is it a rough patch or is the marriage no longer working? We love when an expert will give us a simple list, so here it is...
Three Marriage Killers—Lisa Ryan
What are the three top marriage killers? At Single Process, we thought it was more like thirty things, but apparently working on these three things will make a huge difference.
4 Things to Consider if You are Contemplating Divorce—Christine Marie
You don’t know what you don’t know. You may be unhappy in your marriage, but the other side isn’t necessarily better.
Is Your Marriage Over—Lisa Ryan
When you are considering a divorce, it would be so nice if someone could just call if for you, tell you whether to stay or to go.
Nesting…done wrong
I had never heard of “nesting” before we did it. Now, it seems fairly common and there’s even a Prime Time Show on NBC about it.
My Therapist Fired Me
I’ve now been divorced for almost 2 years. Sometimes I’m in shock by how I got here but I don’t regret it.
Divorce Surprise
I’ve never done a Blog before. (I confess I had to look up a YouTube Video on how to do it!) I’m divorced…
Top Ten Things No One Tells You – Laura Campbell
Laura Campbell sheds light on some key emotional aspects of divorce...awareness is the first step to feeling less alone in this process!
Divorce Q&A, Part Two with Jill Bicks
More random questions that we get at SingleProcess. Have you heard of a divorce coach?
Modifying Your Agreement Post Divorce – Carole Orland
The courts stamp your agreement, your officially divorced and you head out with girlfriends to get a glass of wine, never to see a lawyer or court again, right?
The Angry Ex
Dealing with the fallout.  Is your ex looking for revenge...or are you? Click on 'Comment' below to share your story.[...]
Living Together But Separated
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War of the Roses
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Every Other Weekend
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The Mediation
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Completely Blindsided
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The Friends
Who got to keep them?  Did your married friends start treating you differently? Click on 'Comment' below to share your[...]
My Ex is an Addict
You can divorce the addict, but can you ever really divorce the consequences of his/her actions? Click on 'Comment' below[...]
‘Nesting’ For the Birds?
Sharing a family home and moving in and out around your kids would seem to be a good transition and[...]
Vacation Solo
We all need a break...do we get one?  Any good suggestions on vacations for single parents? Click on 'Comment' below[...]
Two Households One Income
The reality of paying or living on alimony and child support. Click on 'Comment' below to share your story. You[...]
We Can Still be Friends
Did you and your ex think you could still be great friends after the divorce?  How did that work out[...]
I’ll Quit After the Divorce
Did you pick up a "vice" to get you through this?  Did cocktail hour start earlier and earlier each day?[...]
Home Is Where the Heart Is
As if divorce isn't stressful enough, you had to move and create a new home. Click on 'Comment' below to[...]
The Out-Laws
Did divorcing your spouse mean divorcing his/her family too? Click on 'Comment' below to share your story. You will be[...]
Working 9-5
Did you have to go back to work or ramp up your career to finance your new single life?  Tell[...]
Putting the Pieces Back Together
How did you move on, care for yourself and face the post-divorce-world? Click on 'Comment' below to share your story.[...]
Character Assassination
What is your ex saying about you to your family, friends, kids and possibly everyone on Facebook too? Click on[...]

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