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Barb & Jo, Author at Single Process

All posts by Barb & Jo

DIVORCE: Private Investigations in the Divorce Process with Rob Artus

Rob is a specialist in divorce investigations and for over 20 years has personally conducted thousands of family and divorce investigations, background checks, asset searches and fraud investigations.

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Creating Your Relationship Playbook with Candace Brindley

Candace Brindley explains the importance of creating a relationship plan, or playbook, before you start dating post-divorce.

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the single process

What Is Single Process?

Learn more about this video series all about navigating divorce and going from a We to a Me!

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Dating Profiles with Julia Bekker

Your dating profile says more about you than you may recognize.

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Better Prep = Better Results

Attorney Sharon Defala offers guidance on how to do your own prep work to make your divorce cheaper and more efficient.

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How to Get Good Sleep with Kristina Hess

Sleep has become a chronic issue with the rise in technology use. Getting good sleep is the single most important thing you can do for your health.

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Working Towards Financial Security with Kathryn Sollmann

It’s worth spending money on your hair. Good hair is like a suite of armor. It can raise your confidence.

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Narcissism and Divorce with Dr. Sue Cornbluth

Dr. Sue Cornbluth joins Barb and Jo to explain narcissism and offer valuable tips on how to deal with this during and after your divorce.

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Can You Rekindle Your Relationship with Amanda Craig

Amanda Craig talks about the ways couples disconnect and how to figure out whether there is a path to reconnection.

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Hair… Your Best Accessory! with Sean Walsh

Good hair is like a suite of armor. When you look good, you feel good.

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