Figuring Out Home and Finances
with Carole Orland

Should you be hiding cash under your mattress in preparation for a divorce? Can you leave the home or are you giving up rights to the house? When it comes to major assets, you’ll want to know your options.

Divorce can take a while, so it may help to have a separation agreement to cover the interim period in regard to kids, money or house access. You can actually receive alimony prior to a divorce if you are concerned about money.

Once you file for divorce, Automatic Orders kick in. That means things are supposed to continue, “business as usual” until you reach a divorce settlement. So, if you want to get plastic surgery, it may not fly without approval unless there is precedent.

What do you do about the home? A lot of times, both parties share the home, even though there is no “abandonment” concern. Remember that movie, War of the Roses? You can move out and get your own place, but typically the kids will remain in the home. In cases of abuse or a highly toxic environment, you may be awarded exclusive occupancy.

You will need to do a Parenting Plan, and it may change as you go. But the courts want to see that the children are covered. How you are going to parent is critical to the process. There are no rules here: the schedule usually dictates the time you spend, and 50/50 doesn’t always work.

About the Author Barb & Jo

Through the process of our own divorces, Barb Hazelton and Jo Briggs learned more than they ever needed or wanted to know. Through their friendship, shared experiences, and connections through navigating their own divorces, they created this video series. They've been where you are and they hope Single Process can make it easier for you by connecting you to their resources.