Private Investigations with Rob Artus

Magnum PI may be gone, but private investigations live on!  

If you think you need a private investigator, hire him/her through your attorney.  Surprised?  We were too, but here is why:  there are legal channels that have to be covered so that the information obtained is admissible in court, and the PI must be licensed and insured.  For example, you can’t trespass on someone’s property so even if you do get some dirt, it’s not admissible in court.  Judges do not like things that were illegally obtained.

PI work falls into a number of categories:  infidelity, custody issues, background checks, finances, and information tracking.   A lot of the work that PI’s do is debugging.  Your ex may have hidden cameras or tracking devices on the computers and a PI can find those trackers.  That’s an invasion of privacy and can lead to criminal charges.

Many states are non-fault so infidelity doesn’t affect a settlement as much as you would think.  But background checks on new partners are a big issue.  If your ex is dating a drug addict, you don’t want him there when the kids are.  Or there is a history of alcohol abuse and you don’t want him driving your kids.  A PI can get film of someone drinking in the event that they are around the kids.  It’s all about protecting the children.

Financial records or tough to get, but, most people don’t keep money in bank accounts.  You want to follow the money trail.  Where there is smoke there is fire.

Rob is the author of and has been quoted as an investigative expert in various Connecticut newspapers, law publications and periodicals. He has testified in court and provided depositions related to his work on numerous occasions.

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