Start Your Own Business with Holly Hurd

Does it sound overwhelming to think about going back to a 9-5 job when you haven’t worked in years? How can you possibly manage your kids schedule and still have time for you? Holly Hurd suggests that in just 12 weeks you can launch a viable business that makes money. Yes, 12 weeks.
The first thing working for yourself will do is give you your own schedule. You can do it from home, but you can’t let yourself procrastinate constantly with laundry, etc. If you were working from an office, you wouldn’t be able to change a load of laundry. You must compartmentalize.
There can be a downside: If you like social interaction, working from home isn’t going to provide that. So, you need to be self-motivated and focused.
Healthcare is another consideration. You may be covered by your ex in the short term, but probably not long term.
If you’re not sure where to start, thing about what it is that gets you compliments. Maybe you design really cool jewelry, or garden well. The skill you have is marketable. You can go to and see what other women have created around your area of interest. And just because someone is doing it doesn’t mean it can’t be done a different way. Hello Starbucks! How many other coffee shops enjoy success. You do not need a business plan, so don’t use that excuse. You do need a model; figure out what you’re going to charge, how you’re going to charge and how you’re going to collect. Women have a hard time putting a price on their services and products, but it undermines your skill if you give it away. Look at what others charge and price competitively.
Don’t overthink this. Perfect is the enemy of the good. You don’t need the perfect title or brand and so what if it fails? Take one week. The internet will help you find free logos, so just do it and spend as little as possible. You don’t need an investor, even if you are creating a product. You can create one prototype and pre-sell based on that model. Do not commit to large inventory.

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