Drug Monitoring with Steve Paymer

What can you do if you suspect your ex has an issue with drugs? Today, you see so many people hooked on prescription drugs, which is even tougher to catch.

Unless there is a clear history, this may not be obvious. Watch for lying, radical changes in behavior, missing money, or sleeping a lot. Ideally someone will go voluntarily, but it’s more likely that you may have to force your ex’s hand and petition the courts for monitoring.

You can test urine, hair and finger nails. Urine testing is very specific and only registers a few days back. But, you have to know exactly what you’re looking for.

Hair testing is trickier than what you see on CSI; you need 200 strands to get a good test. But there’s no way to tamper with that…unless you shave your head like Brittany Spears. Same with finger nails…unless you bite your nails to the cuticle.

But the bottom line is that you can put controls on this and collect data that the courts can use.

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