Can You Recover from Infidelity with Lisa Ryan

Affairs are prevalent these days with so many ways to meet online. It’s also easier to get caught than ever before with the advent of tracking devices. Women are more likely to have affairs because their lonely. Men tend to fall into it. Some people may truly fall in love with another person and can’t choose. But mostly people fall in love with how they feel in an affair. It’s heady to feel desirable and youthful again.

If you are willing to take ownership for your part and seek counseling, the outcome of recovery is high. Odds improve if the cheater is forthright and comes forward versus being caught in the deception.

There are two steps to recovery:

First, treat recovery like a team sport. Co-author a letter to the 3rd party, saying, “We would no longer like to hear from you, signed Ann and Bob Smith”. Or make a call and say, “We love each other and we’d like you to step aside and help us to preserve our marriage.” It’s a dignified approach that closes things out with grace.

Second, you work on rebuilding the trust through transparency and time. You go above and beyond to show you are trustworthy and appreciative of our relationship with no locks on your devices and complete disclosure.

Your marriage can survive and even in a stronger way if you do the work.

About the Author Barb & Jo

Through the process of our own divorces, Barb Hazelton and Jo Briggs learned more than they ever needed or wanted to know. Through their friendship, shared experiences, and connections through navigating their own divorces, they created this video series. They've been where you are and they hope Single Process can make it easier for you by connecting you to their resources.