Dating after Divorce with Karenna Alexander

Does this sound like a fun topic or something you are dreading? We brought in a dating coach who has more than 10 years of experience helping people find the right partner.

When should you start dating? You’ll get mixed reviews, but you should get out there as soon as you’re comfortable. Don’t waste precious time, unless your attorney advises against it.

We were surprised that our friends didn’t set us up. But in today’s world, it’s less likely to work, and more likely to find someone online. but it is one of the least likely ways to meet someone. Online seems to be the most popular way of finding singles. None of the apps are that great, but all can lead to success. (I have three siblings who met spouses on Match, so I know it works.)

On your profile, keep it positive. Don’t be a woman basher, or talk about a past employer you hate. Be light. No anger, even if you are.

When it comes to pictures, don’t go slutty, no gym selfies. If you attract the wrong girls/guys, take a look at your pictures and change things up.

Remember THE RULES? In short, men are the ones that should pursue. Men know what they want, so it’s unlikely that you’ll find your guy if you have to start the conversation. You don’t need a pen pal; if a guy really likes you, he’ll lock it down pretty quickly.

An ideal first date is short and sweet: coffee or drink. You should legitimately have a time limit. If you like each other, a second date is imminent. If you’re out and you get the creeps, don’t feel obligated. I know it’s awkward, but just call it and move on.

A therapist once told me that dating is more about eliminating who you don’t want to be with than finding that one person. It’s true, if you think about it. I’m picky about what I eat, so what are the chances I’m going to stumble upon the love of my life without working the process a bit.

About the Author Barb & Jo

Through the process of our own divorces, Barb Hazelton and Jo Briggs learned more than they ever needed or wanted to know. Through their friendship, shared experiences, and connections through navigating their own divorces, they created this video series. They've been where you are and they hope Single Process can make it easier for you by connecting you to their resources.