Dating Profiles with Julia Bekker

Your dating profile says more about you than you may recognize. The ideal dating profile should be genuine and reflect the message you want to send. For example, if you put up a revealing picture, consider the audience you’re going to attract.  Same goes for tons of pics with your kids; you may send the message that your kids are your life, and you don’t have time for anyone else.

What you say is as important as what you show.  You want to have a few lines that show that you’re interesting but not a whole biography. And consider posing a question so it gives people a way to engage. 

Here are some quick but effective tips:

  • Lead with a close-up picture of you.
  • No Where’s Waldo, trying to find you in a group shot unless it’s later in the line-up
  • Use recent photos (can be a shot from years ago if it still looks like you)
  • No filters (those Instagram things)
  • No sunglasses
  • Have at least one full body shot
  • A variety of shots (4-5 ideal)
  • No gym selfies, seriously  
  • Write a few facts (height seems to be important)
  • End with a question so it gives a way to engage
  • Keep it simple—don’t write an entire biography

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